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Hippie Hollow does sometimes make the news. Witch girl adult game. The fourth "mayor" of Hippie Hollow is tan from his feet all the way up.

Hippie Hollow got its name due to its traditional use as a nude swimming spot beginning in the early s. Nude beach austin texas. It is the only legally recognized clothing-optional public park in the State of Texas.

My friend took me on Monday, a couple of days after I'd arrived. Amanda 3 by EL3 Imagery. This usage continues to this day, though that status has been unsuccessfully challenged in the courts. But the regulars self-police, and the park has done a tremendous job of keeping it clean. Do you look at those blank blue signs on the walls of the underpass and wonder: You can Follow my work here: No longer the private preserve of the hippies, it still boasts a large population of "working hippies," as he calls them, who arrive in the cool of the evening, but leave promptly, as everyone else does, at 9 p.

Geographic Names Information System. I decided to tone it and bump the contrast for an edgier look. Nude cute pic. It's thought to be Texas' only clothing-optional public park.

When you're driving down Lamar Boulevard between Lady Bird Lake and Fifth Street, do you ever look at the walls of the underpass beneath the train bridge? Children were more likely to be assaulted or molested in other parks in Austin. So, what does the law say about being naked in public? There are many younger people in other parts of the park.

The clothing-optional status is protected by the placement of appropriate signage at the park entrance, which duly warns visitors of possibility of encountering nude swimmers.

So with gas prices so low it seemed like a good idea, at the time, to burn some driving down to Austin. Well, this was back in the day Sign Up No Thanks. Not Listed Hiking Distance: Please update to get the most out of Flickr.

Hippie Hollow remains clothing optional, and like many nude beaches has a more or less straight side and a gay side, although culturally there is a great deal of interaction.

Like on most weekends, dozens of people were lounging in the sun, swimming in the lake and drinking beer discreetly. Hippie Hollow by Linnea. Most of the sunbathers who frequent Hippie Hollow apparently subscribe to a nude-beach etiquette: Study time by Cherry. As a lifelong resident of Austin, Jim Johnson, 34, who works in the computer-chip industry, has witnessed firsthand the evolution of Hippie Hollow.

Sure, it may seem weird to some, but more and more people are opening up to the idea of getting outside in their birthday suits. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Hippie Hollow Park.

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In other words, does the county have a duty to keep kids out of Hippie Hollow? I am wearing shorts and a T-shirt. A man saunters up one of the trails, no doubt feeling lightweight and carefree, wearing nothing but sunglasses and a baseball cap.

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On July 11, the county commissioners passed an ordinance restricting park usage to those over 18 years of age, as a result of Travis County Attorney Ken Oden's interpretation of nudity laws.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Kareena kapoor hot tits. Most of the people at this particular event are plus. But how did it get that way? Neighbors would complain about noise, trash, drugs and people parking on the street.

They're serious about their tans. Sometimes erroneously labeled as a nude beach, the park actually sits on a somewhat steep slope above the lakes with limestone steps that can be quite rugged in some spots.

Small lizards scamper across the path. It's not at all sexual, not in the slightest. Nude beach austin texas. View all All Photos Tagged hippiehollow. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. You seem to be using an unsupported browser. Naked pizza video. Hippie Hollow - I opted to leave out the other photo, Austin, Texas by jakazar. Views Read Edit View history. What better way to enjoy nature than au-naturel? An appeals court ruled in favor of the county inand the U. The park on the shore of Lake Travis, just outside Austin, is well-known as a place where you can go to get some sun — without the tan lines.

Analysis The Daily Turn on desktop notifications? Lower Colorado River Authority. The park has an area of acres 41 hectares and receives approximatelyvisitors annually. Hippie Hollow by Adam Rio. At Hippie Hollow on Lake Travis. Did a photoshoot with a local professional model to update her portfolio for some upcoming auditions. Mickie james nude wwe. The name, Hippie Hollow, dates back 30 years, to a time when large groups of shaggy-haired nomads sought out the haven along Comanche Trail, 15 miles west of Austin, building giant bonfires, singing and smoking dope -- and shedding their clothes.

Sometime around at Hippie Hollow.

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