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Tumblr naked shenanigans

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Someone decided to turn the Elf into Jigsaw from the Saw horror movies and replaced the toilet paper with duct tape. Black milf boss. Whatever the case, the use of what looks like jelly or ketchup for blood is what really makes this photo so inappropriate. And although he started with lopping off the head of Barbie, it's likely that he's going for the humans next.

So, Elf, what's in the box? We have to say yes, mostly because it's hilariously inappropriate. Tumblr naked shenanigans. How do you get your favorite author to write another book in your favorite series? Well, that means that those with more disturbing minds have more creative ways of imagining what the elf gets up to when the children sleep. It seats only about 40 passengers. Do we want to know? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Post the last SMS you sent. Do you enjoy giving oral sex? Mod's Work Source Size Shenanigans SFM Source Filmmaker update post processing don't worry still learning here didn't get any complaints or anything just friends giving me constructive criticism.

Have you ever been in a queer relationship? This is why there will never be such an elf in our house. Vagina-owners Do you ever squirt when you come? And he'll snort up all his income with his friend, the mob guy with the gun. Worlds perfect tits. Have you ever had an embarrassing buttsex experience? With whom did you first do the sexytimes? Something tells us that whoever put this Elf on the Shelf here is probably sick of the whole Elf on the Shelf phenomenon.

Yes, it's entirely inappropriate, and even a little insensitive, but it's also incredibly funny, too, and that's why it made this list. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Less than a year before his memorable interview, Johnson had become president aboard the very same airplane. There are so many questions we have about this particular Elf on the Shelf photo from Tumblr.

That sounds pretty suspicious right there. Trust me, kids, you don't want to know.

Tumblr naked shenanigans

That evil little elf on the shelf gets into everything, including the Christmas candy, Christmas stockings and the Christmas tree. This elf has met his match and will probably end up in Arkham, where he will become yet another sad story of the insanity that lurks around Gotham City.

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A blog showcasing the random craziness of size manipulation in the Source Engine.

Jora asks me for pose refs all the time, and I actually have this one still saved: You ever have a wild night where you got so drunk that you ended up having sex with a Smurf and passed out in the middle of it? Have you ever pegged someone ie.

How about Link using a giant Ruto has a submarine to get to an underwater dungeon? The Elf has gone buh-bye. Describe your most taboo fantasy Penis-owners Describe the size and shape of your penis. Big tit furry hentai. Well done and you get a gold star for inappropriate Elf on the Shelf shenanigans.

How much money have you spent on equipment for your kinks toys, whips, chains, etc. How did they react? In this photo, though, the Elf isn't naked does that suit even come off?

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Are you happy with your body? That's the inspiration for this Elf on the Shelf masterpiece, with the Elf taking on the role of the crazy Annie. Describe your oral sex technique. Does your best friend know about your sexuality? Less than a year before his memorable interview, Johnson had become president aboard the very same airplane. Do we want to know? What do you do with your body hair pubes, underarms, legs, etc. Do you find it easier to orgasm with another person, or through masturbation?

Are you out to everyone you know? Do you own any buttplugs? Have you ever been caught masturbating? Describe your most recent bondage experience. Tumblr naked shenanigans. Tag your top five followers. Big tit blonde bukkake. If your parents know about your sexuality, how did they react? Shout out to source-size-shenanigans for helping me workshop the idea and concept. How do you feel about BDSM?

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