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He came out to Attitude magazine in Febuarymaking him the first children's TV presenter to actually admit he's gay while on the job.

Hugh's had enough this year. Bbw booty naked. He and long-time friend and producer Jaymes Foster welcomed their son, 6 pounds, 2 ounce Parker Foster Aiken, into the world on August 8, She now resides in Los Angeles.

I tried googling, but nothing showed up. Nobody believed Boy George was ever bi. Trevor blumas naked. Hayden was trying to hide but everyone knew it was him because he was so obvious about hiding. Do you know who is Hayden Christensen's 'boyfriend'? He's just funny like that. We've 'been there, done that. She has been married to Chris Kennedy since February They went to the bathroom, leaving just the two of us. Kirsten Olson Ice Princess. Sexy girls in short skirts pics. The DL poster was surprised, but someone else told him, "Oh, everyone in Hollywood knows she's gay.

However, there are always people in a celebrity's life who know the truth, and that truth often bubbles to the surface, either from the celebrity's own community, or the community of friends which the celebrity frequents. Never heard of Kevin Meaney. Steve Ross Ice Princess. Director The Thick Dark Fog. She has a husband and kids!!!!

Cohn designed suits for country-music legends like Hank Williams, Gene Autry. The allegations coming out of the 'Apt Pupil' set are disturbing, to say the least. Were there any rumors about Keith Hamilton Cobb? Chavez is a member of RBD, a band birthed from the soap. Caterina Scorsone Actress The November Man Caterina Scorsone has been a professional actress since the age of eight, when she was a regular on the daytime children's program Mr. So we just set out to have fun.

I'm not saying that makes her a beard, but really. I hope in real life he dates men, because there are rumors floating around, that he is diddling under aged boys. Scott Caan is just too masculine to be gay. Lesbian group porn pics. It's ok because he is an incredibly cool guy.

R, that should have made Chace's stance quite clear I didn't think he was gay but he seemed willing to try anything once. I told him that he needs to stop having sex with guys or else "his business" will be all over the internet.

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Not hot, but cute. Naked pics of ashanti. She is married to Kevin Knotts.

Give it a try! For years an obsessed 40ish yr old guy created a site dedicated to Hayden Christensen and Trevor Blumas and it's all about them being a gay couple. The "rumor" about Meredith Baxter only came about after she was seen on a gay cruise. Especially with the way the issue of gay dates at high school proms impacted Trevor's own life, since he did not go to his prom with a girl and obviously wanted very much to go to his prom with his boyfriend at the time, Hayden Christensen, which actually, he may have done, but obviously, if that DID happen, then Hayden was disguised so he would not be recognized and did not go explicitly with Trevor.

I mean, he would have been perfect for it, don't you think? I remember hearing it from someone who attended the same party for A-list lesbians that those two did but never really paid much attention to it until much later when the rumors about them became increasingly loud and widespread.

In one way the honesty of being bitter is refreshing in an industry that is ruled by "it's an honor to even be nominated". R - Jamie's got enough rumors about her chromosome makeup, she doesn't need anything else.

This list features Hayden Panettiere, Michelle Trachtenberg and more. I actually remember the Portia rumours, there were some on DL saying she was gay and dating Francesca Gregorini, but most people didn't believe it. A lot of celebrities read the gossip sites and when they see just how deeply invested the fans are about them being straight, it probably scares them shitless that they will lose all their fans.

Early in the evening, it was while mingling in the thick of everyone. Trevor blumas naked. It had little pocket gay Jamie Bell in it. It says Caan's 'companion' is Ross Porterfield. Desi nude sexy dance. Suicide notes have been found where some gay teens have even claimed they went as far as forcing themselves to have sex with their 'beards,' in order to prove to others that they are not what they are which actually makes them bisexual, and which sometimes proves they aren't exactly what they think they are.

Years ago, we used to see Travolta cruising the boys on the Fox lot in his Bentley. Did he really go out of his way on his "Idol" promotional tour to appear with the Jersey Guys? We had to have a mix, because of, for reasons of the financial co-production, we had to have a mix of Spanish and UK actors.

He dated Renee Zellweger. Afterwards, we got on the bus and there he was waving with a stonker of an erection. Caterina Scorsone Actress The November Man Caterina Scorsone has been a professional actress since the age of eight, when she was a regular on the daytime children's program Mr. Jeremy Jackson Actor Baywatch Jeremy Jackson At the tender age of six, Jeremy Jackson got his first taste of show business, booking his first successful commercial for Mattel.

She may not be the biggest star at CBS, but she is out. Udvar-Hazy, are to buy one of the best-known gay bars from Laguna Beach. She grew up living in constant fear of being hurt or even killed at the hands of her verbally and physically abusive alcoholic father. Zac Efron is too closeted.

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