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In an interview with CBS sixty minutes on May 1 Logan reported that the attack had involved men and lasted around 25 minutes. Trixie blue milf. Lots of respect here, and praying she returns to the job just to give the finger to the animals that wanted to destroy her.

The law has always played the devil's game with words - especially with the lives of women. I'm a new reader of your blog, and like most people I was outraged when I first read of this incident. Lara logan naked. Logan was discharged from the hospital after forty eight hours and is recuperating at home with her family.

What more can they do now? They tore off her clothes and raped her with their hands, while taking photographs with their cellphones. I'm in a state where I'm not going to compromise my team. Even if that were the case that would be enough. People behind us were pushing and trying to grab her, someone might have touched her.

I've got eyes, y'know? Getting the process moving doesn't entail getting us to talk amongst ourselves. Here's a recent article I found. You could find thousands of women who had to go through such a horrible experience, but finding one female voice that would stand up against violence in their countries is nearly impossible.

I've tidied this some more to take Gatoclass's points into account, though whether she herself mentioned the shout of "Jew" during the interview is irrelevant; CBS did, and I don't know what's meant by calling it hyberbole. Milf sucks me. The agenda in this case being, agruing ad-infinitum to purge the truth that the mob was motivated by antiJewish hatred of Jews from the encyclopedia. If you are going to post a hateful, vulgar remark, at least have the courage to sign your name behind your words.

However, I also fear for her because what she did with such apparent ease may never be easy for her again. For example, the initial comment from someone in the crowd: I hope my earlier comment disappeared by accident. The dragging away and the subsequent protection by soldiers - men - let me repeat that - protection by male soldiers, not women - was a detail corroborated by another eyewitness account, personally related to me.

If it were me, I would remove the line on the worst stereotype as I dont think that conveys any real information and add this. The South African mother of two - a former model turned death-defying combat reporter - said she was nearly scalped as well as stripped, beaten and assaulted by dozens of men. On 15 FebruaryCBS News released a statement that Logan had been beaten and sexually assaulted on 11 February, while covering the celebrations in Tahrir Square following Hosni Mubarak's resignation.

I simply think that until and if Logan ever clarifies the "what" of the attack, all of us who write about it and its publicity should use the words "sexual assault and beating" per the only offical document that exists, that from CBS.

ANI are there for your posting. Nobody who has spent 60 seconds looking at this Talk page could think there is a consensus to add the material about anti-Semitism. More important, she doesn't want to look like she's profiting or benefiting in any way from telling the story.

I am compelled to pop in here myself to note that I too very definitely saw the: The vote was a gauge of consensus, which was over ridden at the time. She was flown out of the country the day after the assault.

Lara logan naked

The attack, involving — men and lasting around 25 minutes, began when her camera battery failed. Nothing else really says that.

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Egyptian and Muslim men are portrayed as wild beasts and Islam as an inherently violent religion. Trisha hershberger big tits. She is nothing to write home about. Given how Middle Eastern males are reported to treat women in crowds, it's certainly possible she was grabbed in some personal areas as she was shoved along.

She told everybody at Egypt Embassy she was going back to be on the all-clear. Maybe someone harassed her, but she ran and people protected her from being hit! The following discussion has been closed. The argument in favor is that it reveals the midset of the crowd, and is described as intensifying the attack.

She was married to Jason Siemon in the late 90's. So that section now reads: That makes two of us so far that thinks it belongs. Someone might want to get the undisputed content back in before it happens.

Secondly, the story mentions the possibility that Mubarak agents may have been behind the assault - a point that I think is probably worth mentioning. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Okay - "Sexually Assaulted" - to use the sanitized "fit-for-public-consumption" term. Lara logan naked. Real housewives of atlanta nude photos. If only for reasons of BLP, could I ask that people modify the tone, and keep the discussion to the minimum necessary to get through this? Beyond just how horrible the story is on its own, the thing that has made me, a former member of the Florida Press corps, furious is the way other journalists and commentators have turned on her Nobody who has spent 60 seconds looking at this Talk page could think there is a consensus to add the material about anti-Semitism.

Again, is it being left to me to add Logan's defense of herself? More information is needed about Lara's ancestors. A group of soldiers appeared, beat back the crowd with batons, and one of them threw Logan over his shoulder.

Given all the talk about sexual violence in the news these days -- from growing allegations of sexual harassment against GOP candidate Herman Cain to allegations Penn State officials didn't involve police while a football coach abused eight young boys over a year period -- it seems the country is fitfully struggling toward more discussion of such assaults in the public space.

She reportedly wasn't taken to a local hospital because the "network didn't trust local security there" and didn't report the assault to Egyptian authorities because they "couldn't trust them, either.

She was flown back to the U. In short, what some present as a pigeon turd, was, in fact, a shitstorm. She wasn't raped, so he does not consider what happened to her to be a sexual assault. Slightly tweaked, this is a version:. Then someone noticed her breathing.

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So much for the superior intellect of the liberals The law has always played the devil's game with words - especially with the lives of women. She gained the impression that she was being killed by being torn apart. Girl fucked by a monkey. Anonymous March 20, at 3: In other words, they hold such crimes to be self-evident: About Me tabloidbaby View my complete profile.

Hopefully, a rational moderator will issue corrections to this page. Kourtney kardashian naked photos Funny how you looked through my history instead of the history of the argument you are commenting on. Newer Post Older Post Home. Lara logan naked. I see that Sheila Tone is now commenting here.

Included criticisms of Logan for maligning Hastings lack of military service.

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