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Favorite naked palette

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The only one I would say worth having for any tone: Enter Your Email for a Chance! This palette contains 12 rich taupe-hued neutrals that are far from boring! I hate the pigment quality of the naked palettes and even with good primer there is so much fallout from all the shimmer. I love the look you did with Kindness especially, and grays and cool toned shades are good for me.

Naked Smoky really is an extra, not a basic, for those who want to add to their everyday Naked palette with some dark, cool toned shades for nighttime looks. Pornstar big boobs nude. A lot of other companies have compiled their version of rhea Naked pallets. Well, the original Nakedthe Naked2and the Naked3 palettes all have 12 eyeshadows that have so much pigment and are for real!

However, that just makes the colours work well for her. Favorite naked palette. However, in my experience, when given the choice I usually go for golds, brown and beiges. When in doubt, I'd say: Back to Top I will always have typos and poor grammar. Rather than having to go out and buy different palettes or monos to build towards a complete makeup look, you're basically set when you acquire a Naked palette. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Girls naked at prom. Foxy can be used as a transition shade and Faint works well as a crease color.

From top to bottom: While I love the Naked 2 palette and it works very well with my skin tone, I still enjoy using all of the palettes. A post shared by Makeup.

Favorite naked palette

Tell Us What You Think! I have hazel eyes, dark brown hair and light skin and I use naked 2. Let me know below! As I mentioned above, Naked 2 is described as the cool toned alternative to Naked 1. Here, another tip I'd share is to choose your blending shades based on your complexion.

There are some warmer shades in there, but they wouldn't make a complete look because the palette lacks a warm or neutral dark shade. So, here are some facts about each Naked palette with some tutorials to help you figure out which best suits your look! I promised you to do a post where I advise you on what Urban Decay Naked palette is right for you, or how to choose between the four currently available options. So great to see the swatches all together.

I use them both every day but NP3 looks great with my brown eyes. I have a medium complexion, blue eyes, and brown highlighted hair.

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Naked Ultimate Basics This palette is neutral enough to compliment all skin tones, so everyone can pull this one off effortlessly!

Jul 20, The problem is which one to choose. Beautiful naked israeli women. I really need to change that ASAP. Review and Comparison with Diorskin Nude. I have the same coloring and I love Naked 3.

Overall though, I think my favorite one shade wise is the OG naked palette. I have a medium complexion, blue eyes, and brown highlighted hair. I use them both every day but NP3 looks great with my brown eyes.

I hope this has helped you choose which one or two to get among the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. Create Account Create an account so you'll have a place to store your favorites.

Urban Decay struck gold when they brought out their Naked palette, and the original palette remains a classic for a reason. I like 2 the best. I do think I'll try to find dupes once I run out, though. Isabel kaif nude. Where Naked 1 mostly boasts warm shades with some cool shades to add variety namely Creep and GunmetalNaked 2 consists of mostly taupes and greys with some very warm shades thrown in for good measure Foxy, Half Baked and Chopper.

Urban Decay's Naked palette is a cult-favourite and for good reason. Favorite naked palette. Naked 1 is heavy on beiges, golds and browns, and suited for warm, neutral and cool complexions. In general, I'd say that anyone could make any of the Naked palettes work for them, but that choosing a palette should be based on what colours you like working with most. Take a look at this in-depth comparison of the different palettes of Urban Decay Naked line.

My favourite shades in this palette are Burnout, Trick, and Factory. Thirteen and Combust are awesome pink-toned shades.

Back to Top My motto? It combines matte shades with more punchy shimmer and metallics.

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This palette is indispensable for me. However, I absolutely think that every Naked palette has its own strengths and that none of these are redundant, they all have something to offer. Honorable Mention not an official naked, but still a neutral Pulp Fiction — a great little palette for travel with cream and brown mattes, taupe brown white and black satins, and a cute red brush.

It also has the best of both Naked palettes before it, a double ended brush and eyeshadow primer! While brown is a warm shade, not all of those tones of brown are equally warm.

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