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She has friends in high places so don't think any of your accounts are safe if you don't cease your vindictive obsession.

Jessica isn't even a real model and voice acting for dumb weab shit doesn't count as being an actress. Milf hunter nurse. Kaitlyn was once an accomplished, semi-pro dressmaker who found her way into cosplay as an excuse to sell lewds to horny nerds.

She looks the exact same size in both photos, anyone that bends over and sticks their ass out can look thinner from this angle. Enji night naked. She's around a lot of Midwest stuff. This is a woman who doesn't want to wash her hair after wearing a heavy wig at a con. Based upon recent photos is already obvious she's had facial fillers and lip fillers. It just annoys me, especially when women further the "D is big, A is small" myth.

I don't go to Luna's thread because her life is boring and she's just gross quite frankly. She is also another cosplayer who defends her selling of "softcore" porn and that she doesn't care about haters, yet always makes passive aggressive posts and videos about it. Her face would look a thousand times better if she would take care of her skin and had slight fillers on her nasolabial folds.

Enough to literally deform themselves. Mmmh I haven't seen the second part of your message. Blowjob cum denial. She's a bully herself. Guiz stahp slushaming her!!!! Meanwhile, Jessica is still lazy as shit. I feel ashamed I was her fake nude scandal. She was doing better as a cosplayer instead of a Patreon ho. Only thing that comes to mind is the FitTea thing but was it about something else? I never realized how thick her legs were, is Jnig short?

Don't ban me I'm not Luna my IP is in NY haha she actually is obsessed with me she name drops me in every thread of hers like a fucking psycho. She actually looks good here. These are pretty tame things. People like her plastic concrete boobs for some reason.

I dont think shes particularly attractive or anything. Nigri might be washing up and physically aging, but she has a huge fanbase, money, and some actual skill. Start a New Discussion. 69 position naked. Nigri isn't ugly, her costumes while not made by her are usually great, she's in banging shape.

Does she only have like 3 ribs???? Its not hard to see that it was just like any other con party. It always looks like she drew them on in ms paint. Literally not 1 person on this board cares.

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She used to be thicc, but now she's just a lewd fat fuck.

Ive heard a few others have had a similar experience with her. Lesbian intercourse videos. Thanks a lot for sharing. If you weren't such a shit person you wouldn't care, but sadly everything I've ever said about you is absolute truth. Please grow the fuck up. Someone posted pictures of Enji Night dressed up as Kasumi in the Steam artwork section recently.

She is very candid about her life, emotional, and self absorbed so it's really a fun train wreck to watch.

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I put my whole Kasumi photoshoot together in this album. This is x better than her normal beyond drag queen looks. They also surprisingly left the room really clean after. Enji night naked. Meg looks like she just smelled a dead body and the outfit she chose is something that Tracer would never wear. I should know, I do Youtube videos for a living: They want me to get naked, cover myself in jelly, and take a picture?? Maybe she figured that if she plays her cards well she can make a living off of fanboys.

Drop it or we dig deeper. Tits licking sex. Had it for almost 10 years though. I think she thought she'd get publicity for it either way, but it's really a dumb shit lie to invite on yourself. She types like a dumbass. And her craft seems pretty top notch work too. Sorry if this pic startles anyone. Last year I attended Fotocon and were able to collab with some awesome photographer friends.

And you know what hobby means? Gets offended over literally anything. Biggest fake cosplayer out there but keep posting friend. Nude girls fighting pics. Listen kimchi for over two years you've been butthurt like all those mental fanboys that think just because you DM someone that you're a bff. I guess she just likes looking like a trashy trailer park mom. Jessica isn't even a real model and voice acting for dumb weab shit doesn't count as being an actress.

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Nude girls in public pictures She is also another cosplayer who defends her selling of "softcore" porn and that she doesn't care about haters, yet always makes passive aggressive posts and videos about it. Because it looks like she has a nice body. She used to be super cool and talented until she randomly decided to get into Cosplay photography and because a nigri clone.
Sonal nude pics She does need to take better care for her skin and her hair, but anyone in a photo like this will look off putting tho.
ASIAN NUDE MODEL VIDEO Other companies like Coke and Pepsi refuse to do ads on YouTube now though due to the fact that their ads would be on random videos. Hating this girl for commodifying herself won't make the demand cease to exist, and force men to acknowledge legit female cosplayers.

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