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Rivera, who has been vocally supportive of the love story between her and Morris' character, has received widespread praise for her portrayal of Santana, as well as for her for vocal work in numerous songs performed as part of the show's central glee club, New Directions.

Angry because I have all these feelings Brittany is watching and tells them to "stop the violence. In the Auditorium Brittany was putting candy in a giant heart box to give Santana for the engagement. French milf squirt. Sue then pulls out an acceptance letter to the University of Louisville and Santana thanks Sue for it, but Sue says it was all Brittany's idea, which makes it appear that Brittany was trying to push her to make the right decision all along. Lesbian glee episode. Santana looks angry and grabs Brittany by the hand and pulls her up to their seats.

Brittany is all about Santana in the scene, she doesn't take her eyes off her. In the background during Sue 's interview after winning the cheerleading Nationals competition with the Cheerios, Santana jumps into Brittany's arms and wraps her legs around her and then they are seen posing and hugging.

She says having her at the wedding, would mean not having Brittany. Finn praised The Troubletones' performance, but she thought that he was lying to her.

I Kissed a Girl Finn keeps Santana from getting suspended by saying she fake slapped him. I just want you. They also sing some back-up.

I'm not interested in any labels," as she's putting the pillows back on her bed, "unless it's on something I shoplift. Africa zavala naked. The pairing has delighted us with the little moments — a pinky hold here, a head rest there. I mean, we expect her to say dumb things. Pages using deprecated image syntax. Soulmates, so to speak? Brittany tells her that its a surprise, as she sits her down. At the end, they are with the others in the choir room when Sam brings in his siblings. When they find an operation to make Artie's legs work again I'm going to be there for his first steps.

She wishes Santana good luck and touches her back as she goes past her. So listen, how about you and I pop in some Sweet Valley High this evening and get our cuddle on? When Rory is singing Blue ChristmasSantana looks sad, like she is thinking about her grandmother.

Home They link pinkies and walk out together after Glee practice. It seems as if Brittany reaffirming their friendship hurts her, because she doesn't want to be just "best friends. They join in the group hug at the end. But, just like everyone else, we long to see our experiences reflected on the screen. Retrieved April 29, You are the unicorn. Tyra banks nude pics. Brittany walks up to the stage and sings back-up as well.

Santana is backing Brittany to Rachel and Kurt stating why Brittany should be class president.

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Santana looks like she is in shock and turns around and says, "OMG Brittany's pregnant! When she tells Santana that she wants her old life back, Santana tries to help her and, along with Quinn, they perform Toxic for Glee club.

They are sitting at the same table at the reception. Kesha leaked nude photos. This confession is followed by an awkward silence and is seemingly ignored. I do think they're soul mates. Lesbian glee episode. Next week, Glee steps back from the fun of its first two episodes of this season and will finally pay tribute to the late Cory Monteith who died from a heroin and alcohol combination in July. Fooling around with her isn't cheating, it's just friends talking with their tongues super close.

Later, Santana helps Brittany differentiate from her left and right. Santana tells her to stop and asks what is going with her, saying that Brittany is acting like a completely different person and that's making her sad.

Left foot lets stomp! Later she tells Rachel the truth herself, for which Rachel is ultimately grateful, in " Guilty Pleasures ". The children are commanded to team up, and Mason practically leaps from his seat to ask Jane to be his Gal Pal, but his sister wife interjects his trajectory. Thanks for the support! Kurt then gives Santana Finn's letterman jacket. Monica potter tits. Brittany comes up to her and puts her hands on her shoulders. Santana and Brittany walk arm-in-arm, through the hallway.

Brittany says the same, and they both kiss.

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I'll ask you out to prom and I'll tell you how I feel and all you have to do is say yes. Noting the increasing number of states legalizing same-sex marriageJan proposes to Liz, which further encourages Blaine. Alma, taken aback by this attitude, asks Santana directly that she would let Brittany talk like that to her. Before the New Directions' Regionals performance, Brittany says to the Glee Club that she has something to say, and Santana gives her a sad look.

In Aprilwhen asked if any of "the guys" were Santana's soul mate, Rivera answered, "I think that Brittany is her soul mate. I miss this place so much. I have this best friend, we love each other and are together all the time, sometimes we kiss, sometimes we do more. They perform The Dog Days are Over with the others. But what really turned me on about you was how much of an asskicker you were, winning all those championships, going to New York, raising Beth on your own. Tumblr cum on ass. Holiday says its not about who you are attracted to, its about who you fall in love with, Santana looks over at Brittany.

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